Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Heritage

My great, great, great, great grandpappy was Hezekiah CALVIN. My ggggrandpappy, Barney (no kin to Barney Fife however), and his brother Jacob Page married Hezekiah's daughters. Wait a minute, something ain't right with this picture! Relations marrying relations? Ain't there some law against that? So I guess that makes us Pages all CALVINS. Hezekiah was a member of the Mulberry Creek Two Cents in the Spirit-Filled Baptist Church as recorded in 1820. Mulberry Creek is a part of the Indian Creek district on the banks of the Ibeswitched Fork River in Dekalb County, Tennessee. Now you know why my roots grow deep in hyper-Calvinism! Ha! Like the Two Cents view, it hardly exists at all today. I just can't understand why people laugh at me and say I am a pervert and a chubby one at that.

Oh, by the way... today is my birthday! Oh Happy Birthday to me, Oh Happy Birthday to me!

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