Thursday, October 16, 2008

Which story is correct and which one is a lie? You be the judge.

I have told two (2) different versions of this story. Somewhat like the snake thing. Which one do you believe? Whatever one you pick I will try and stick with. But I must confess it is hard keeping my stories straight the older I get. Thanks in advance for your help.

This one I posted on another blog first: I went to my pastor (I am not a member there) and shareed (shared) it all with him. He is a very conservative SBC and he believes that God does give revelations. (He really does. If you don't believe me go ask him yourself. He is the pastor at FBC Collierville. Be sure to tell him I said hi.) We talfed (talked) scripture (Scripture) and he gave me a book to study (title and author I can't recall right now) but it was about the judgement (judgment) seat of Christ and the judgements (judgments) Christians would receive in heaven. While he was wisely uncommital (noncommittal) to me about my vision, I shared with him that I believe that I Cor 3:13-15 implied and he nodded agreement. (I hope you forgive me for my misspellings, I was so full of the spirit I am not sure if it came out of a bottle or a book.)

But then somewhat later I posted this: I sought God for boldness, and that prayer led me to my pastor. On the evening of the 29th I met with him and he opened his Bible to John 15 and talked about it. As I left his comment was, "You sure have passion!" I knew that I came to him with too much zeal that lacked in knowledge.

Which one do you like; the noncommittal version or the "you sure have passion" one?

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