Thursday, October 16, 2008

Charles Page (Watching His Story) at his best!

The following post was made by Charles Page of Collierville, TN. He wrote this at 3:16 in the morning and posted it on The Bratton Report. Thankfully it was quickly removed, but Charles has not learned his lesson. These are his own words as he wrote that morning. He has continued to bully other blogs and people. While he did slow down some he is back at it again. He must have thought our promises to him were hollow. They weren't then nor now. Well, copies this very graphic post along with some of his other graphic ones are about to be plastered all over the Collierville area. We will let his neighbors form their own opinons and judgments.
What you are about to read is very graphic but I posted it at 3:16 am when I could not sleep. Unlike you and XXXXXXXX I am not able to sleep, it is 3:16 am and I have to go to work in the morning. Yes, XXXXXXXX, I work at FedEx for John and Jeffery. Mike you imply that you and I are alike and that my language is lurid and prurient. Your implication is that I am lewd and vulgar. You need to protect the spring chickens from people like ourselves. XXXXXXXX said that my comments were way over line. Do you both have to be reminded that the female sexual organ was not created to be penetrated without the natural lubricant provided by foreplay and thus arousal? Do you have to be reminded that the human anus was not created to be pentrated by a male sexual organ? Actually I am miles apart from comprehending what the two victims went through when they were raped and they both have told me so I tried to reach them with the message of forgiveness and God's love and their furry (sic) was unleashed on me. I failed. I can't sleep. Mike, do you realize that lurid and pruient behavior is what the priest and SBC ordained minister did to a young man and woman. They fucked them! You and XXXXX are bothered by me and the danger my language might do to spring chickens. Do you know what a male penis attached to an ordained SBC minister who worked side by side with AR for 34 years did to that man's son? Do you realize the pain, humiliation and confusion that he has caused to Bellevue? He walked the halls for seventeen years, Mike, seventeen years! No Mike, you and I are miles apart. You are probally sleeping well about now. I am wide awake and am broken hearted and I have been broken hearted now for nine months. I am not debating I am suffering through spiritual warfare against an enemey so bent on distruction. He is alive and I am exhausted in the struggle. So when you awake in the morning straighten me out with your wisdom and guide me with your scripture. I'm going to try to get some sleep.

3:48 AM, August 25, 2007


WatchingHISstory said...

Watching his story

This is great! thanks for the advertisement.

Watching His Story

Watchinghisstory said...

Charles you are stupid! Or should I call you NB? You are probably the only one that thinks that post is great. How can that thing be edifying to the BODY? Or are you so full of Calvin you are assured of your salvation that you don't care anymore? As we have promised your neighbors are going to see it too along with some other porn stuff you may have forgotten about. We will keep those under wraps until they are delivered. If you thought people have laughed at you in the past; just wait. When folks pass you on the trail next time and they smile or break out laughing you got to ask yourself why, Consider it a sort of belated birthday present to you from us.

What I love is when you set up your blog you mis-spelled your own blog address and didn't do anything to correct it and left it out there for someone else to use. Now that is really stupid right NB?

How does it feel to be bullied around? Not fun is it? Well pervert get used to it.

Watchinghisstory said...

Well seems I have the pervert's attention. He sent another comment to post. But it ain't going to happen. He is now calling me a coward. Good for him. I am not the one going around attacking dead preachers, he is.

Listen to this pervert. You have had your one and last post on this blog. I hope you enjoyed it. Call me all the names you want. What you won't be able to do is retract or make me remove all the pornographic crap you have posted in the past. They will however be posted here and there is not one thing you can do about it. So enjoy it. We certainly are.

Hope we have made your day NB. You have ours.

Watchinghisstory said...

Sorry chubby pervert NB call us all the names you want. ASSume all you want as to who we or are not. We don't really care. You have had your one post to our blog. Send us all the comments you want. They will never see the light of day on OUR blog. In fact we are glad you are trying to comment so much on our blog; that way you are not bothering other people with your crap.

Get used to it NB! More is forthcoming. To quote you again: "This is great! Thanks for the advertisement."